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- Design And Drafting Services
- Mechanical (Plumbing, piping, HVAC, sprinkler systems, industrial/commercial kitchen & ventilation systems)
- Structural design
- NDT/NDE & mechanical Inspection ......... برای آگاهی از مشاوره رایگان و تخفیف ویژه به اعضای کریستال و اعضای سرا، بند 20
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Port Coquitlam
Petro Sadr Corporation

We provide 10% dicount to members of Hamafza that follow us in
We provide 15% discount to Silver members and 20% in total to Gold members of HAMAFZA.
اعضای انجمن کانادایی های ایرانی تبار (سرا) و اعضای تایید (وریفای ) شده شبکه هم افزا می توانند برای دریافت مشاوره رایگان در روزهای دو شنبه یا چهارشنبه از ساعت 12 تا 12:30 بعد از ظهربا اینجانب شهرام الوانی (مهندس مکانیک) برای مشورت در مورد مسایل کلی یا مربوط به تخصص اینجانب، با شماره 7789996113 تماس تلفنی بگیرند. در صورت تمایل به سفارش کار مهندسی یا طراحی به شرکت من اعضای ذکر شده در بالا از تخفیف ویژه تا 20% زیر قیمت نرم بازار برخوردار خواهند گردید

As a mechanical engineer. I will be more than happy to give FREE counsel to the members of SIOC as well as Verified members of Hamafza network. For receiving FREE counsel call me at 7789996113, only on Mondays or Wednesdays, from 12 to 12:30, for a friendly chat on fields I have something to say. Free counsel will be provided only on a first come first serve basis. More than free consultancy, in case of an order for engineering or design services, I will give up to 20% discount to above mentioned members.


We are experienced in using different engineering software for design and analysis of mechanical equipment and structures. Some of our previous work included 3D modeling of turbine blades, hydraulic structures, and ST dampers.

Petro Sadr is dedicated to provide a wide range of services for design of industrial equipment and systems. Those services include but are not limited to:

Machinery design
Mining equipment design
Structural steel design
Design of API 650 Tanks
Design/modification of pressure vessel as per ASME Sec VIII
Design of piping systems as per ASME B31.3 and B31.1
Fall protection system design
Fire protection system design
Drafting for various plant design
Stress Analysis:

Having years of experience in finite element analysis enabled us to carry out dynamic/static analysis for complex structures and equipments under various service loads. In addition, we are expert in

Pipe stress analysis
Coupled-field applications
Vibration analysis including modal, harmonic, response spectrum and transient analysis
Lifting equipment such as spreader beams, jib cranes, gantry cranes, etc.
Acoustic analysis
Dynamic/static load analysis
Heat transfer analysis of both steady state and transient systems
Some of FE projects we performed by our engineering team includes:

Stress analysis of gas turbine blades by experimental test and finite element method
Stress and modal analyses for hydraulic structures
Vibration analysis of marine risers used to carry gas/oil from sea floor to production platform
Performed stress analysis of ST (Spacer Twister) dampers and specified allowable stress
Modal analysis of Mowj frigate to obtain mode shapes and natural frequencies
Fatigue analysis of leaf springs for VOLVO Truck FH12 through experimental and numerical models
Failure Analysis:

Our team is expert in determining main cause of different types of failures in structures and equipment. We possess extensive training and experience in fault investigation of centrifugal pumps, steel structures, and gas turbines. Features of root cause failure analysis capabilities include:

Analysis conducted by our registered professional engineers by APEGBC
Root cause failure analysis determination
Broad failure analysis experience
Failure mode identification
Photographic documentation
Fracture evaluations
3D Laser scanning of existing plants:

In addition, we are capable of creating intelligent 3D-models out of point cloud data and convert them into simple CAD systems to be used for design and engineering projects.

On industrial fields, mostly our services applies to the following categories:

As-Built 3D Modeling
Brownfield Projects
Data Collection
Industrial Inspection
Loss Assessment
Plant Operation Management
Reverse Engineering


Hydraulic Calculation:

We have engineers who have years of proven experience in modeling pressurized and gravitational piping systems for clients in all industries, including municipal, buildings, mining, pulp & paper, and oil & gas. The value our engineers add to projects comes from their creativity and years of experience in both engineering and construction field work. They analyze and optimize the cost of projects and deliver hassle-free designs right off the bat, at study or design phases of projects. We analyze the systems for all fluid services including water, wastewater, stormwater, cooling water, firewater, slurry, natural gas, propane, LPG, and other hydrocarbons.

Preparation of Specifications:

We have gathered years of experience worth of expertise in preparation of design criteria, data sheets, and project specifications for equipment including pressure vessels, tanks, special equipment, packages, slurry pumps, process pumps, utility pumps, metering pumps, compressors, fans, blowers, heat exchangers, boilers, loading arms, daerators, reactors, vessels, etc.

Selection of Equipment:

We calculate, size, and select all sort of equipment including pumps, compressors, blowers, fans, storage tanks, pressure vessels, air handlers, chillers, filters, scrubbers, cooling towers, etc. Our engineers have competencies needed for all range of projects from below one million dollar in small projects up to multi-Hundred million dollars in mega projects. We serve all industries including but not limited to buildings, municipal, mining, pulp & paper, power plants, and oil & gas.

Fire water system design:

We design pump stations, bypass control valves, jockey pumps, distribution network, hydrants, monitors, tanks rings and wet and dry sprinkler systems.

Fall Protection system design:

Our Fall Protection consulting services will help you implant preventive measures that comply with applicable laws and regulations. During the analysis of your needs, we apply risk prevention principles and eliminate risks at the source. The members of our technical team are professionals who are dedicated to serving you and to identify with you the safest solutions at the best possible price for your company. Our consulting services include:

An analysis of your needs
Help in drawing up estimates and the development of preventive measures;
The analysis and inspection of existing protection systems;
Legal expertise and validation of protection methods and equipment in the event of an incident or accident;
CWB Engineering Services:

In British Columbia and throughout Canada, it is a legal requirement that all steel structures be fabricated and erected by CWB (Canadian Welding Bureau) certified companies.

To be certified, a company must employ or retain a CWB certified welding engineer. Petro Sadr provides CWB Retained Engineer services to companies that require CWB certification as one component of their structural steel fabrication and erection operations.

Petro Sadr's CWB certified welding engineers will guide your company through the process of obtaining and maintaining CWB certification (CSAW 47.1), including:

A due diligence review and assistance in meeting the CWB application criteria
Making the initial application
Developing Welding Procedure Specifications
Developing Welding Procedure Data Sheets
Acting as Retained Engineer
Visiting your site periodically and completing the required ongoing documentation for your company records
Advising you in all aspects of maintaining compliance (as per CSAW 47.1 and CSA W59)
Petro Sadr specializes in CWB Retained Engineer services for companies that perform steel fabrication and erection as a minor component of their total service package. By using Petro Sadr 's Retained Engineer services, these companies eliminate the expense of hiring a full-time CWB Certified Engineer, yet maintain full legal compliance.

Contact Petro Sadr today to discuss your company's CWB Certification needs.

Canadian Owned and operated since 2009

Petro Sadr Corporation is a well-known company for providing diversified engineering services at competitive prices. We have achieved this target by setting up an effective system that has enabled us to offer fees that have beaten, or nearly competed engineering services sought from China, India, or Latino America.

We have gathered several of the most talented engineers, project managers, and business developers, and have implemented the cutting-edge business models that have inspired our staff and partners, to improve productivity. We are one of the most recognized names in plant design, with centuries worth of cumulative experience in multi-discipline engineering, project management, procurement services, and inspection of equipment, systems, and processes.

As an engineering and procurement company we are specialized in serving the industry with focus on projects in mining, pulp and paper, oil and gas, municipal, buildings, power plants, and renewable energy all across Canada.

Since our inception in 2009, Petro Sadr Corporation has been providing engineering services, quality products and customer service to industries all over North America.
We are committed to excellent engineering service, good quality products and competitive pricing.

While working in the mining, pulp and paper, oil and gas, municipal, buildings, power plants, and renewable energy industries for many years, Petro Sadr’s founder observed companies forced to compromise in materials acquisition.

Our diverse team of engineers have a broad background in mechanical, process, piping, structural, electrical, material instrumentation, and civil engineering.