It is the responsibility of users and members to ensure they shall not use HAMAFZA website for any illegal content, activity, service, or supply of product. As you know “Ignorance to law excuses no one.” Please make sure you know our requirements including Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Objectives before you put any suspicious content in your profile or your posts, etc.

The following is the minimum expected from you:

  1. Avoid anything that is considered immoral in your community
  2. Avoid posting content that contains use offensive language, especially as an expression of anger
  3. Avoid distributing others’ personal information without their consent
  4. Do not sell alcohol, drug, medical supplies and drugs, tobacco, and dangerous material
  5. Do not advertise any material or equipment that you would not be allowed to sell publically in the market
  6. Avoid posting content that would be considered a threat to the safety and security of the society according to associated authorities
  7. Avoid posting contents that violates copyrights, other’s human/legal rights and other proprietary information.
  8. Do not publicize others identity without their consent.
  9. Examples of goods and services prohibited for advertizing in HAMAFZA
    a: unpackaged or adulterated food or cosmetics
    b: child pornography
    c: endangered, imperiled and/or protected species
    d: unsolicited products or services
    e: War equipment like guns, ammunition, and explosives
    f: Unhealthy or polluted food, furniture, clothing, pet. Etc.
    g: Army or hazardous materials that could endanger receivers
    h: Human or animal body parts
    i: Suspicious or illegal documents
    j: Antiques or antiquarian stuff without providing proof of ownership in the ad
    k: Adult toys, gambling tools, sex buy or sell
    l: Fake, forged, pirated or tampered goods, equipment, software, or documents
    m: Any sort of SPAM