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Click on your name or your photo on top right corner of the page. This below is a sample of a member profile. All the tabs under the pictures are dedicated to you. Some of them are only visible by you. Two main features you most often might need are your PROFILE SETTINGS and POST LISTING. All settings and advertisements can be done by the two buttons pointed at by red arrows below:




Click on the gear type button shown above and edit your account settings, privacy, visibility, etc. You can also log out from there, however, it is not needed to log out frequently. You can stay logged in continuously.




Simply click on the “Post Listing” button shown above and follow the following self explanatory illustrations. The important thing here ia that you can decide who can see your ad. That way you may want to dedicate the opportunities or valuable products or services to higher rank members who are precisely evaluated or verified, according to the procedures described below:



Fill out the following fields as you wish.


This is a filled sample:


Although some features and pages of Hamafza are accessible to public with no account, but we strongly suggest that you register and create a profile for yourself here and complete it in About tab of your profile any time later; so that, as a result of that you can benefit many other advantages including access to classifieds of various free or discounted products and services, opportunities, and many other benefits that are ONLY accessible by registered and/or higher grade members.

By registering into HAMAFZA you become a Grade 2 Member and will have access to:

  • Special opportunities, jobs, free or discounted products that members dedicate to certain grades of members only in their own profiles
  • Members page through which you can search and get access to above hidden opportunities
  • A well designed profile excellent for presenting your company or your own talents or skills
  • Privileged information and opportunities shared by higher successful grades
  • Various Social, political, technical, and many other forums
  • New forums created by yourself
  • Profiles of verified suppliers and/or individual members that you can trust
  • Options of showing your profile and personal information to everyone, only your friends, or nobody
  • Assessments and reviews about suppliers (Reviews in Hamafza can be only provided by members who are Verified and are reliable.)
  • The members (including companies) that their identity and traceability is verified by HAMAFZA
  • Free chat
  • Postings about free or cheap products in the Marketplace
  • Feature that you can follow other members or allow to be followed
  • Notifications
  • And many more

You can set up your privacy the way you like. You can Hashtag (#) the keywords you choose and provide for them to be viewed more easily. You can have access to all of above and many more and all we need from you is a real email and some minimal info that will remain confidential with us.

Go to DEFINITION OF GRADES and see the variety of benefits and privileges provided to various grades of members.