Request for help:

We need help for translation of the contents of HAMAFZA web pages for people who are not very comfortable with English. In case you are fluent with both English and Chinese, and are interested in helping us to complete this page, please contact us to make arrangements for that. Apparently, we appreciate if you translate the content of our web pages that are in English. In case you help us with this very cause, as a courtesy, we will include your name in the list of our associates, and if you allow, we will show your name as one of our translators below the parts you worked for us.



The only legal and binding language of this website is English. You need to refer to English contents for any legal reference or interpretation of the contents. Translation provided in this page (if any) is only meant to provide some idea about HAMAFZA and its features, operation, and requirements, to applicants who, for any reason, might avoid reading the English contents. It means that, despite the translations (if provided), you need to read the English contents of the website to ensure that your privacy, financial interests, and any other rights and/or interests are adequately protected, with available provisions of the website. The translations are usually done by volunteers and could not be guaranteed by HAMAFZA to be the exact conversion of the English contents. Please read all contents of the “MUST-READs” sub-tab.