Hamafza Network is equivalent to Synergistic Network.

HAMAFZA is mainly designed with the OBJECTIVE of persuading good people all across the world to help each other out in order for everyone to get richer, so that they eventually assist with the world becoming a sustainable and more peaceful place to live, for all creatures including all human kind.

The business model and procedures set by HAMAFZA are not just based on simple and naive methods counting on preaching and advice, but they are backed by proven academic and experimental managerial skill sets mixed with creativity and use of cutting edge technology administered by InnovaFlux Enterprises Ltd. (IFEL) of Canada. We have established a system that because of the clarity levels required, less-responsible people and companies do not find it much pleasant and more than that, they do not find much justification for them to be part of it. Hamafza puts light on performances and deliverables of suppliers and providers, making a safer environment to choose them from. See how HAMAFZA does this here!