The main feature of HAMAFZA unique initiative is based on rewarding good people and businesses for their quality work or competitive prices delivered to members and/or societies. For that reason a specific multi-level structure is designed that grades qualification of members and their associated generated information by clear criteria.

On that basis, members with higher grades shall have access to more valuable information and opportunities. What is designed for this phase one for rewarding higher grades is noticeable and it will expand way more, as we grow in next phases.


Grade of Members Level and Extent of Access to Information Equivalent Grade of Accessible Information Definitions and Performance
Admins and HAMAFZA Operations Managers


All information All information It shall include personal information of members that according to laws of the relevant country or as required by the member in their registration forms etc. are considered as confidential. All personnel of HAMAFZA are strictly bound by law and strict HAMAFZA procedures to protect that information confidentially and trustworthily. HAMAFZA has a zero tolerance policy for any misconduct or negligence of its employees in this regard.
Grade 1, Public or Guest users Public by definition here, includes everyone who is present in the virtual world (WEB) from any place in the world. The identity of those users shall not be controlled by HAMAFZA and they will have access to G1 (Grade 1) information only. Grade 1 information

or G1

Grade 1 information is readily available to Public or Guests without a need for registration or logging in. However these G1 users or guests DO NOT see Members page, Forums page, members’ profiles (except set open by the member), private posts, and other graded information; and they cannot report or score as well.
Grade 2, Regular, or Email-Registered Members It includes members joined to HAMAFZA directly by providing their email address as minimum. Email is the only single field HAMAFZA controls about them. They are allowed to use unreal names or their nicknames for their own reasons. These members shall have access to G1 and G2 information only. We usually DO NOT give them the right to report or score businesses’ products or services. However, Depending on the country HAMAFZA is put into operation, this policy might change. Corporations may also start from this level in order to become familiar with the website and its features. However, for doing business in HAMAFZA they are encouraged to apply for verification as soon as they can. Grade 2 information

or G2

In order to see G2 info, you need to Register and Log-in. G2 (Regular) to G5 (Gold members) shall see G2 info. A G2 member shall not have access to classified info including G3, G4, and G5.

Please note that the information you provide at the time of registration or later will be securely kept in our system for quality purposes. We will review them in case you apply for becoming a Verified Member.


Grade 3, Crystal, or Verified Members Includes members (with or without known Referrers) who have answered the obligatory questions defined for Grade 3 applicants either on registration form or in “About” tab of their profile truthfully, have met other requirements specified for granting G3, and their identity and traceability has been assessed and verified by HAMAFZA; or they are well known to the communities as reputable individuals or businesses. As a pre-requisite, they shall permit HAMAFZA to publicize the scores and reports from HAMAFZA high rank members (i.e. G3, G4, & G5) about the quality of their performance or products. This grade includes both customers and suppliers and they are the members HAMAFZA recommends you to pick suppliers/sellers from.

People who want to present their businesses or companies are better to start from this grade, in order to be trusted easier. However, they may continue their presence as a regular un-verified member until they think it is the time for them to apply for verification.

In case of change of stats and circumstances, it is up on the Crystal Members to update their profiles and proof documents sent to HAMAFZA.

Grade 3 information

or G3

In order to see G3 info, you need to Register and Log-in. G3 (Crystal) to G5 (Gold members) will see G3 info. A G3 member shall not have access to classified info including G4 and G5.

This is the grade HAMAFZA prefers for all businesses or individuals doing business through HAMAFZA. In case of receiving reports of misconduct, HAMAFZA might ask the concerned business-member to apply for verification. The reason for choosing the name “Crystal Members” for this grade of members is their clarity in introducing themselves and allowing reports and evaluations being publicized.

In case the righteous people or reputable companies known to the societies have hesitations to satisfy the requirements for G3, up on approval by HAMAFZA management, they might be granted G3 or Crystal Grade.

Grade 4, Outstanding, or Silver Member Includes members who have already satisfied the requirements of G3, and their clarity and credibility has been assessed as passing the minimum requirement set by HAMAFZA, and they have shown being fair and reliable in providing services to the members of HAMAFZA and to their societies.

Grade 4 or G4 members are assessed in certain intervals according to their scores and average sought and if they meet the minimum requirements, they will be raised to G5. See next row for more details!


Grade 4 information

or G4

This grade includes both customers and suppliers which have good records in complying with the objectives of HAMAFZA. The businesses and individuals at this grade shall be categorized as Silver Members.

G4 (Silver) and G5 (Gold members) will see G4 info. A G4 member shall not have access to G5 classified info.


Grade 5, Diligent, or Gold Member Members who are granted this grade are called Gold members. In order to grant this grade, precise criteria and formulas were created. G4 members are assessed in certain intervals according to their scores and average sought and if they meet the minimum requirements, they will be raised to G5. This evaluation is continually monitored and shall be updated at least once a yearly, to ensure their compliance with the specified criteria. Criteria  influencing the assessment is according to the following variables:

(1) The number of years of active presence in HAMAFZA

(2) The number of complaints settled down

(3) The number of complaints unsettled

(4) Verdict condemning a member in a court for quality of services provided to members of HAMAFZA (based on evidences/proof)

(5) False complaint or false report in HAMAFZA against a member/business or cheating in providing information or documents, which are proved to HAMAFZA, based on its own judgment, capacity, and diligence

(6) Members’ score based on feedback from Verified members (G3, G4, & G5)

(7) Member’s score based on feedback from non-member users and/or Regular members (G1 and G2), if applicable.

(8) The number, of members referred by G4 or G5 member, who are active at assessment time

(9) The average score of the members referred by the G4 or G5 member being assessed.

(10) The level of cooperation of the member with HAMAFZA to achieve its objectives.

Grade 5 information

or G5

This grade also includes customers and suppliers which have good records in complying with the objectives of HAMAFZA. The businesses and individuals at this grade shall be categorized as Gold Members.

Your fellow G5 (Gold members) will see your classified information. You as a G5 or Gold member will see all other grades’ information.

We will consider the help a G4 or G5 provides to other members or to HAMAFZA, their honesty, and their general behavior, if it appears in alignment with the objectives of HAMAFZA.

As an extra promotional service, HAMAFZA will review the proofs of financial stability and revenue of the companies up on their request, and if their status meets certain criteria, they will be granted a sign that shows users that they are in a more reliable financial status. This then becomes part of a routine annual review and monitoring that will be done within years and will be reflected to users, up on request of the owners of the companies.