You can search for opportunities that are dedicated to higher rank members here. Those opportunities are additional to what you may find in the Marketplace. Ads in the Marketplace are case-specific and depending on the preference of advertisers could be either dedicated to higher rank members or to the public. However, most of the fields searchable in this page are dedicated to Crystal or Verified members and above. In case you are interested in learning about how HAMAFZA categorizes members please see below:


In the following you see the list of members (including individuals and businesses) that have registered with HAMAFZA either as Regular Members called grade 2 (G2) or as Verified Members called grade 3, grade 4, or grade 5 (G3, G4, or G5). Please refer to DEFINITION OF GRADES to learn how each grade is exactly defined, the credits and privileges they receive, and how evaluations are done for them.

As this list is intended to simply help users or buyers to know more about suppliers and to know which of those suppliers they can trust the more, please take note of the following tips very carefully and make sure to read more details here, as needed:

  1. G2, Regular members or group 2 members are those who are registered with HAMAFAZA the simplest way and only their emails are checked to be authentic. Despite that, the Regular membership applicants have to answer a few questions that will be recorded confidentially in our archive for future quality examinations. This way we will be able to screen more honest and reliable members when they apply for becoming Verified (G3) members. (Group 1 or G1 is dedicated to public or guests that we call them users only and we do not give them accesses and privileges provided to our members). The grade 2 role though was designed to make it simple for everyone to join and become familiar with the concept of HAMAFZA and the way it works. As with this role, we only have a checked email from G2 members, we strictly advise you to be way more careful when making deals with those individuals or companies. As practically there might be no chance to recognize the identity of this level of members, we have not given them the ability to score or report about the products and services provided by our higher rank members and companies.
  2. G3 or group 3 members are those who voluntarily and publically or confidentially have provided much more information than G2 to us and their information has been VERIFIED by us. It means you can simply know a lot about those suppliers and their past performance and they are traceable as we record their stats. This grade of members is called Crystal Members because they act as clear as Crystal. They are members who trust on their own skills and deliverables so much that they share important stats of their businesses as well as their location and more with us or everyone (if they opt to), so that it could help you to lower the risks of failure and losses and increase the chances of success of your deals. See REGISTER and ABOUT tab of your profile to learn about the obligatory information each grade has to provide to HAMAFZA or others. Verified members are recognizable by adding this sign  beside their profile names, in Marketplace, Members tab, etc.

These G3 members are either introduced  to HAMAFZA by a former member (called a Referrer) with no bad record at the time of registration or they have registered through a more complex registration procedure that involved checking their phone, address, etc., by reviewing some sort of proof documents sought from them, as pre-requisites for raising. You may want to trust verified members more if their referrers have a higher grade such as G4 or G5, as those referrers have proven records in compliance with objectives of HAMAFZA and will more likely help you with settlement of an assuming conflict or litigation. Referrers are assumed to be members who care for the objectives of this network and, in case of a complaint, are supposed to help the buyer reaching to a fair compromising settlement of a dispute or a complaint. In case a G3 member has no referrer, HAMAFZA will support you with settling the conflict. The proof documents shall remain confidentially with HAMAFZA to make introduced supplier traceable, however they shall not be revealed except required by law or our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions or according to consent received from those G3 members. Public, non-registered users, guests, or so-called G1 members shall not be presented in the member list and shall not be given chances to create profiles. All G3 to G5 members have consented HAMAFZA to publicize the reports, scores, rates, and complaints by other members in the websites and documents of HAMAFZA. Apparently, there are measures to ensure fair reasonable reports are provided. Suppliers can dispute reports that seem unfair or unreasonable to them. Moreover, only Verified members have right to score or report. This makes unfair report writers traceable and accountable.

As an extra promotional service, HAMAFZA will review the proofs of financial stability and revenue of the companies up on their request, and if their status meets certain criteria, they will be granted a sign that shows users that they are in a more reliable financial status. This then becomes part of a routine annual review and monitoring that will be done within years and will be reflected to users, up on request of the owners of the companies.

  1. G4, Outstanding, or Silver Members that include members who have already satisfied the requirements of G3, their clarity and credibility has been assessed as high by HAMAFZA management team, and they have shown being fair and reliable in providing services to the members of HAMAFZA and to their communities. After one year of being granted G4, Silver members will be evaluated according to the criteria specified in next paragraph. The Silver members who continue to be active and compatible with objectives of HAMAFZA (according to the specified criteria) and pass the threshold defined, will be granted a Gold member grade which is the highest grade defined in HAMAFZA network.


  1. G5, Diligent, or Gold Members include G4 members that are assessed in certain intervals according to their scores and averages sought. They are the members who have met the minimum requirements set by the following proven criteria and precise formulas, and they have been raised to or kept at G5, accordingly. This evaluation is continually monitored and shall be updated at least once a yearly. Criteria influencing the assessment is according to the following variables:
    a: The number of years of active presence in HAMAFZA
    b: The number of complaints settled down
    c: The number of complaints unsettled
    d: Verdict condemning the member in a court for quality of services provided to other members of HAMAFZA (based on evidences/proof)
    e: False complaint or false report in HAMAFZA about a member/business or cheating in providing information or documents, which are proved to HAMAFZA based on its own judgment, capacity, and diligence
    f: Member’s score based on feedback from other members
    g: Member’s score based on feedback from non-member users and Regular members (G1 and G2), if provided to them
    h: The number of members, referred by G4 or G5 member who are active at the time of assessment
    i: The average score of the members referred by the G4 or G5 member being assessed.