How you benefit from joining HAMAFZA

As an individual member or user:

  • You get privileged access to information about big opportunities, which are not exposed to public.
  • You get to know reputable companies, experts, and people who intend to make the world a better place for everyone, who their reliability is under observance of members and HAMAFZA
  • You will have access to businesses that see the profit in more number of customers and offer better and rather more competitive products and services to members
  • You will see that service providers and sellers are under a workable kind of control by joint effort of HAMAFZA and members. So, you can buy with more confidence and peace of mind.
  • You can also contribute in assessment of the quality and price of products or service of suppliers/sellers.
  • HAMAFZA when convinced and to the extent the law of the country of service allows will introduce the service or product providers who deliver badly, so that members avoid risks of losses.
  • All services of HAMAFZA are free of charge for members.
  • You can find a lot of free services or free products.
  • If needed, you can find people that are seeking needy people to help them and you will not have anyone between you and them for connection.
  • You can have an optimum privacy simply by hiding your profile and critical stats and activities.
  • Either as a consumer or a provider you contribute in helping good people grow and this way you help make the world a more peaceful place for all.
  • You have the luxury of free access to all features of a social media, your own beautiful state-of-the-art profile, your own defined groups, various forums, etc.
  • And eventually, HAMAFZA will help you reduce your daily costs and become richer.


As a business owner:

  • We are committed to protect your rights as a good provider and to help you grow.
  • We will be introducing/exposing you to a big community that trusts HAMAFZA and pick their suppliers from HAMAFZA data bank.
  • The cost of posting your products or services in HAMAFZA will be either zero or very low, based on the number of members or visitors in areas you provide services.
  • Membership is free for all in first year, affordable for lower income businesses up to three years, and very cheap as compared to other similar websites or media. See Fees!
  • You will also have all accesses and benefits of individual users all free of charge.
  • HAMAFZA will facilitate with exposure of businesses that are stable, have good reputation, and provide better or cheaper products or services to members and/or society.
  • As a good member you will receive prioritized information about opportunities for growing your business or for whatever you are interested in.
  • In case you give discounts to members, you will make more money by having your customers number increased.
  • Having your name among the lists of HAMAFZA will bring you more credit and reputability among society and members.
  • Your classifieds postings or your ads will be visible not only by members but also by everyone in the public.
  • When you act more clearly and give out more rights to your customers we will introduce you as a business or supplier that seems to be confident and trustworthy.
  • In order to protect your credibility and reputation, only registered members who are traceable by HAMAFZA are able to report about or score your performance as a business.
  • You have the right to question and argue reports or scores that seem incorrect to you.

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What someone might lose:


The following people or businesses would better not join HAMAFZA as a member, because, although they might gain much out of it in short term, but they most likely become known to the community for their incompliant habits and suffer more losses soon after:

  • Those who dislike peace, honesty, politeness, and obedience of law.
  • Those who do not care about the interests of their society
  • Those who do not care about laws and regulations
  • Those who do not care about the satisfaction of their customers
  • Those who are not able to provide good quality products or services, as compared to similar items in conventional market, according to average understanding as judged by regular community members.
  • Those who do not want their supplied products or services be evaluated by consumers or buyers, specifically Verified members of HAMAFZA.
  • Those who do not want clarity about their businesses and about the quality of their products or services delivered by them through HAMAFZA.
  • And those who do not want publishing of comments or evaluations made by users or members, and publishing the number of complaints reported by HAMAFZA members (if proven right, as judged by HAMAFZA.)