Honey In humans, Calcium and Iron deficiencies are problems of global proportions. Women in particular can suffer severe mineral loss both postpartum and post menopause. Dietary supplements have their drawbacks, both in poor absorption and efficacy as well as adverse side effects. Bee products present a unique nutrient delivery system. Once bees have metabolized nutrients into honey, they become completely absorbable by our digestive system. By supplementing the diet of the honeybees with the desired vitamins or minerals, we can create a more efficient and effective mineral supplement for people. These supplement honeys are completely natural and entirely absorbed once consumed. Building on three generations of beekeeping, Caspian Apiaries is an innovator in beehive management, colony manipulation and disease control. In this presentation we discuss the results of our attempts to design and produce honeys to alleviate common nutrient deficiencies in humans. We elaborate on the production of fruit honey, vegetable honey, vitamin honey, mineral honey and calcium honey. We also discuss our method of colony management, ensuring efficient nutrient throughput from raw ingredients to finished honey. We discuss three problems that have arisen when producing these types of honey, and explore several possible solutions. The first problem arises when colonies use this extra food to supplement their brood, effectively storing less of the desired nutrients in the honey. The second problem is that honeybees cannot digest certain ingredients, especially fruits, in large amounts. The third problem we have encountered is an unpleasant flavor of certain supplemented honeys, such as those supplemented with vitamin B. We discuss a technique we have developed to encourage the bees to consume more of these difficult ingredients, without negatively affecting the hive. Producing calcium & Iron Honey requires a strong honeybee colony Honey is one of only products that is absorbed by our metabolism 100% As a result of the ingredient contained in the honey will be absorbed 100% as well. The bees can be used to process these ingredients same as nectar or syrup. The body will absorb the ingredients contained in honey The advantage of using bee products to attain these nutrients: Honey is completely absorbent by our digestive system, By adding calcium and iron into honey, which is then fed to and processed by the bees, it can be directly absorbed There is no leftover residue that cannot be absorbed Contact me if you are looking for opportunities in the field of my expertise! Please learn more about my skills and the products and services my company presents. See my profile here in Hamafza or go to my website: I am a busy person, however, I am ready to deliver speeches or giving support to non-profit organizations in my spare times. Thanks!
Hossein Yeganeh