1. To identify nice, peaceful, righteous people who are useful to their societies, environment, and worldwide peace and attract them to HAMAFZA as members
  2. to facilitate with creation of synergy among members
  3. to transfer valuable information about opportunities to them
  4. and to help reducing their costs, increasing their income, and helping them grow
  5. To let HAMAFZA members become richer and more sophisticated so that they help the world becoming a better and more peaceful place to live for all creatures


  1. Promoting trust amongst members* and users
  2. Creating synergy, boosting morale, and increasing the level of hope amongst members
  3. More exchange of money among members
  4. Reducing the cost of living for members
  5. Quick exchange of information about opportunities
  6. Insistence on compliance with applicable laws
  7. Rewarding the members who collaborate in alignment with the mission of HAMAFZA
  8. More rewards to the more clarity and usefulness of members
  9. َAdvise, rejection, publicizing and shedding light on members who prove to be incompliant to membership conditions** and the mission of HAMAFZA

Note (*): Member is a person or a company who has registered with HAMAFZA website and will be identified and considered as reliable, based on their established grade. A user, however, includes every person or company that uses the services of HAMAFZA (as available to them), even if they have not registered and are not identified or verified by HAMAFZA. Refer to GET STARTED.

Note (**): To know about definitions and details refer to the Constitution and Procedures of HAMAFZA Network. The duty of publicizing misconducts shall be done to the extent the law of each country allows.



  1. Creation of a free network for identifying, registering, verifying, and introducing more trustable individuals and businesses (as members of the network) and establishing relationships among them and potential customers, to help them grow financially, vocationally, professionally, and culturally, with the least amount of time and cost needed from them, at a global level; in order to let nice people grow and create a better and healthier world
  2. Creating grounds for the members to become closer and synergistic by persuading them to collaborate in things that turn benefits, exchange job opportunities, and contribute in justifiable projects
  3. Encouraging members to serve each other out, when needed or in special events, voluntarily, free of charge, and as much as they are able to
  4. Persuading members to provide services to other members with higher quality and more competitive prices, compared to the market
  5. Directing donations (including cash or goods) from righteous users (and including charities and oblations provided by religious users) to needy honorable members or the ones introduced by the members of HAMAFZA, and by making direct connection between the donors and the real vulnerable people of societies
  6. Facilitating with formation of forums or helping their effectiveness; founding executive and consulting companies; marketing, production and commerce; establishment of commercial or cooperative symbiotic organizations; and establishment or supporting not-for-profit and cultural organizations or groups
  7. Creating a traceable system based on rewards, advice, or rejection with intention to monitor, control, and get feedback from credible members for the quality of services provided to them, by businesses or individual members, especially the ones who receive money for providing a service or a product.
  8. Establishing a system for evaluation, grading the quality of services and past records, and monitoring the quality of service of sales-members in order to help purchase-users with their decision making process and to reward sales-members who act fairly and have a good track record
  9. Creating grounds to help better interaction between the mother lands of members and their countries of residence, in cultural and economical fields and so, helping with establishment of peace all around the world
  10. Persuading members to announce job opportunities, to refer members to clients for hire, to guide job seekers in their job search and in general, to provide help with the members in joining them into the professionalism and capital markets, in a faster and cheaper way, and eventually assist them with their growth

Creating context for collaboration of members in raising knowledge and culture in their surrounding societies and for the exchange of noble and modern values in various cultures