HAMAFZA shall remain free for use of all individual members.

Membership is also free for all businesses in their first year with HAMAFZA.

Companies which, within their first three years of operation, are still struggling financially as well as individuals who use HAMAFZA for business and have low income, are requested to pay the amount they can afford and think is fair for the services they are receiving from HAMAFZA, on their own discretion here:

We hope this method of payment will help promoting trust, goodwill, and honor in our communities and boosts morale within HAMAFZA family. We will calculate the membership fees based on operational and maintenance costs and will announce our break-even points to low income businesses and then leave it to them to pay as they can afford.


We have chosen a similar policy for posting of ads by businesses. We do not charge any of businesses for their postings and leave it to them to keep the count of their ads and the amount of sale they have through HAMAFZA. We request you to pay the amount owing on a maximum quarterly basis. Please see the minimum (estimated break-even) fee for classifieds in the table below. All business members can pay for their classified postings here:


Established businesses are requested to pay for their membership subscription at

HAMAFZA will review the proofs of financial stability and revenue of the companies up on their request, and if their status meets certain criteria, they will be granted a sign that shows users that they are in a more reliable financial status. This then becomes part of a routine annual review and monitoring that will be done within years and will be reflected to users, up on request of the business owners. In case you are interested to take use of this service of HAMAFZA, please contact us!


Use by Public (limited access)


Annual membership fee for individual members (all grades)


Posting classifieds  for individual members (all grades)


Annual membership fee for all businesses in their first year of registration


Annual membership fee for new and low income businesses


$0.00 to amount you think is fair and affordable

Annual membership fee for established businesses from 2nd year onward $108:00

(Only $9:00 per month)

It is free for first year!

Posting classifieds for businesses


$0.00 to amount you think is fair and affordable

(The estimated break-even fee for each posting is $3:08) to pay click on the button below:



As agreed, case specific, for payment please use the button below:

Table revised on July 2018

Important Notes:

  • Changes to fees, if becomes needed, shall be only implemented at the beginning of January or July.
  • Individuals who do business using HAMAFZA network shall be considered as a business.
  • For posting your classifieds go to “Your Profile”/Marketplace/Post Listing and advertise your products in Marketplace. For businesses, every time a new or repeated post is sent is counted. We have left it to you though, to calculate the amount you owe (Please see “Posting classifieds for businesses” in the table above).




HAMAFZA has been established firstly to promote certain values such as sustainability and peace. So, its business revenue model has also been designed to aim at promoting such values. Although we trust the initiative of discretionary payments mentioned in FEES section will eventually work, however we are also as realistic to know that it is not going to happen very soon. So far all investment and operating costs of the network have been absorbed by InnovaFlux Enterprises Ltd. (IFEL) of Canada. As mentioned above, basically, our policy in HAMAFZA is to make the membership fees affordable to all businesses. We have given the lower income businesses the chance of paying an amount anywhere between zero to what they can afford and that includes what they need to pay for their classifieds. Having this policy in place, so far, the amounts received do not suffice operational requirements and there is a need for collecting gift from more established, rich, and caring members until the financial self-sufficiency of HAMAFZA is gained. When HAMAFZA will become financially secure and its income and costs balance out, we will stop accepting gifts or will transfer them to charities or community non-profit organizations. The records of the way gifts are spent will be available to the authorities and will be reported to givers up on their request.

Therefore, we request you to support HAMAFZA’s independence, self-sufficiency, and “trust” policy, in its way towards the assigned Objectives, until it picks adequate momentum. If you also like the values we are promoting, please use the button below to gift HAMAFZA!!