The concept of HAMAFZA, as a tool for helping growth of members, was examined in various limited financial, cultural, communicational, and managerial extents years before launching its broader version in 2018. Thousands of hours worth of study, modeling, planning, benchmarking, and pilot testing were put into establishment of this concept. Although the original plan defined back in 2015 was way more sophisticated and user friendly, in order to make the investment costs affordable for original initiator, a phase one was defined, in order to get the project moving, until the HAMAFZA operator, i.e. IFEL (InnovaFlux Enterprises Ltd.) becomes able to kick-off the phase two of the project. Therefore, as the evolution of HAMAFZA concept continues, the projection is to make HAMAFZA a giant social media for helping good people grow, while strengthening peace and welfare for the whole world.