Q1_ What is HAMAFZA all about?

A1_ In brief, HAMAFZA is a network of selected more reliable people and businesses that prefer to do business together, create opportunities for each other, buy their needs from more reputable business members, sell better and cheaper products or services to the members, and dedicate their giving time, knowledge, donation, etc. to their fellow members, and use other advantages created through this wise and controlled networking, to help all members grew.

Q2_ What specific services does HAMAFZA provide?

A2_ The followings are just a few:

  1. Find jobs through your HAMAFZA network. This will save you a few steps and could connect you with hiring managers directly. See MARKETPLACE/JOBS!
  2. Advertize your company for free or very cheap and increase the number of your customers that have a sense of belonging and are loyal to your business.
  3. Find businesses that deliver quality products or services to the members of HAMAFZA and are committed to give them real discounts.
  4. Find a lot of free products or services in the MARKETPLACE and much more!
  5. Access big opportunities and other classified information provided exclusively to higher grade members as rewards to their good reputation.
  6. Have free access to all necessary features of a professional social media.
  7. Find people or businesses that you can trust more.
  8. Plus many more services that are all designed to help your financial and knowledge growth.

Q3_ Is there a membership fee for individual applicants?

A3_ No, it is all free for individuals. so far that they do not do a routine business using HAMAFZA.

Q4_ Is there necessarily a need for registration?

A4_ There is no need for registration to get access to the site and you can enjoy easy access to marketplace and various free or discounted products and services with no hassle, whatsoever. However, there are many sellers or givers that dedicate their free or discounted products or services only to members with higher grade. Those might also include Regular simple members that are called Grade 2 or G2. You just need an email for registering as a G2.

Q5_ Why do you suggest me to REGISTER and become a G2 member?

A5_ We strongly suggest that you register and create a profile for yourself by using a real email and answering a couple of questions that remain strictly confidential with us; and as a result of that, benefit the advantage of having access to classifieds of various free or discounted products and services, opportunities, and many other benefits that are only accessible to registered and/or higher grade members.

By registering into HAMAFZA you become a Grade 2 Member and will have access to:

  • A well designed profile excellent for presenting your company or your own talents or skills
  • Privileged information and opportunities shared by higher successful grades
  • Various Social, political, technical, and many other forums
  • New forums created by you
  • Profiles of suppliers and individual members
  • Options of showing your profile and personal information to everyone, only your friends, or nobody
  • Assessments and reports about suppliers
  • The members (including companies) that their identity and traceability is verified by HAMAFZA
  • Free chat
  • Postings about free or cheap products in the Marketplace
  • Feature that you can follow other members or allow to be followed
  • Notifications
  • And many more

Q6_ Do I need to answer all questions in Registration form provided in the tab REGISTER?

A6_ No, you only need to answer a few questions. Most of questions are for businesses or they are optional for answering. Moreover, you can always go back to the About tab of your profile and complete your form. That information shows up in the About tab of your profile and you can add to them or change them in the same place by clicking on the Settings sign that looks like a gear and by picking “Edit Profile”.

Q7_ Could I limit access to my profile, and provide more privacy for myself?

A7_ Yes you can set up your privacy the way you like. Go to your profile by clicking on your name on top right of the page, click on the Settings sign that looks like a gear and by pick “My Account”. Those settings are additional to what we have considered to protect your information and privacy. You do not need to expose your name and identity to others for becoming a member.

Q8_ How could I post a classified ad/listing in the Marketplace?

A8_ It is very convenient and fast. Go to the “Marketplace” tab of your profile. Click on “Post Listing” just below the same tabs menu bar, and fill out the fields, add pictures, and select a proper Category, select what grades of members you want to see you posting, and click on “POST”. Please consider giving more chances to higher rank members who are more likely to be helpful to communities and to the world.

Q9_ How could I contribute in a forum of my choice?

A9_ The best way we recommend is:

  1. Go to the page “FORUMS”
  2. Find the subject of your choice by scrolling down and clicking on the relevant category
  3. Alternatively you might search the key words of your choice to see where the discussion of your choice is going on.
  4. Follow instructions on top of the page, if needed!

Q12_ What do I, as an individual member or user, gain out of joining HAMAFZA?

A12_ The followings are the minimum of your gains:

  • You get privileged access to information about big opportunities, which are not exposed to public.
  • You get to know reputable companies, experts, and people who intend to make the world a better place for everyone, who their reliability is under observance of members and HAMAFZA
  • You will have access to businesses that see the profit in more number of customers and offer better and rather more competitive products and services to members
  • You will see that service providers and sellers are under a workable kind of control by joint effort of HAMAFZA and members. So, you can buy with more confidence and peace of mind.
  • You can also contribute in assessment of the quality and price of products or service of suppliers/sellers.
  • HAMAFZA when convinced and to the extent the law of the country of service allows will introduce the service or product providers who deliver badly, so that members avoid risks of losses.
  • All services of HAMAFZA are free of charge for individual members.
  • You can find a lot of free services or free products.
  • If needed, you can find people that are seeking needy people to help them and you will not have anyone between you and them for connection.
  • You can have an optimum privacy simply by hiding your profile and critical stats and activities.
  • Either as a consumer or a provider you contribute in helping good people grow and this way you help make the world a more peaceful place for all.
  • You have the luxury of free access to all features of a social media, your own beautiful state-of-the-art profile, your own defined groups, various forums, etc.
  • And eventually, HAMAFZA will help you reduce your daily costs and become richer.

Q13_ What do I, as a business owner or a selling member, gain out of joining HAMAFZA?

A13_ The followings are the minimum of your gains, as a business:

  • We are committed to protect your rights as a good provider and to help you grow.
  • We will be introducing/exposing you to a big community that trusts HAMAFZA and pick their suppliers from HAMAFZA data bank.
  • The cost of posting your products or services in HAMAFZA will be either zero or very low, based on the number of members or visitors in areas you provide services.
  • Membership is free for all in first year, affordable for lower income businesses up to three years, and very cheap as compared to other similar websites or media.
  • You will also have all accesses and benefits of individual users, free of charge.
  • HAMAFZA will facilitate with exposure of businesses that are stable, have good reputation, and provide better or cheaper products or services to members and/or society.
  • As a good member you will receive prioritized information about opportunities for growing your business or for whatever you are interested in.
  • Having your name among the lists of HAMAFZA will bring you more credit and reputability among society and members.
  • Your classifieds postings or your ads may be visible not only by members but also by everyone in the public.
  • When you act more clearly and give out more rights to your customers we will introduce you as a business or supplier that seems to be confident and trustworthy.
  • In order to protect your credibility and reputation, only registered members who are traceable by HAMAFZA are able to report about or score your performance as a business.
  • You have the right to question and argue reports or scores that seem incorrect to you.

Q14_ Who do you recommend not to join HAMAFZA and why do you advise them not to?

A14_ The following people or businesses would better not to join HAMAFZA, because, although they might gain much out of it in short term, but they most likely become known to the community for their incompliant habits and suffer more losses soon after:

  • Those who dislike peace, honesty, politeness, and obedience of law.
  • Those who do not care about the interests of their society
  • Those who do not care about laws and regulations
  • Those who do not care about the satisfaction of their customers
  • Those who are not able to provide good quality products or services, as compared to similar items in conventional market, according to average understanding as judged by regular community members.
  • Those who do not want their supplied products or services be evaluated by consumers or buyers, specifically Verified members of HAMAFZA.
  • Those who do not want clarity about their businesses and about the quality of their products or services delivered by them through HAMAFZA.
  • And those who do not want publishing of comments or evaluations made by users or members, and publishing the number of complaints reported by HAMAFZA members (if proven right, as judged by HAMAFZA.)

Q15_ What is the definition of a MEMBER?

A15_ A member is any real person or legal entity which will have access to classified information in the website and could take use of them, after they have passed the registration process and are admitted to the network. Members generally and except when they are supplying something, are considered as customers or consumers, like Public or Guests. Public or Guests have some limited accesses to the HAMAFZA web pages like MARKETPLACE.

Q16_ Who is a REFERRER?

A16_ A referrer is a user or member whose credit is high as evaluated by HAMAFZA or as known to majority of the community, who introduces an applicant that is in compliance with the admission conditions (see below) by allowing the applicant to introduce him/her to us as the applicant’s referrer, and providing his/her contact stats confidentially with us, so that we can contact him or her for verification of the applicant who wants to become a Crystal member. Regular members do not need a referrer, however if they do introduce reputable referrers they will obtain higher grades easier.

Q17_ Who is considered an ACTIVE MEMBER?

A17_ An active member is a member who is doing activities, using HAMAFZA features, at the specified time period recent to when assessment is done by HAMAFZA. Assessment will not be done for regular members.

Q18_ How do you define a USER?

A18_ Anybody who uses HAMAFZA network online is called a user and that includes all members as well. Apparently, members (even Regular members from whom we only have an email) have way many more accesses and privileges as compared to non-registered users.

Q19_ Who is called a SELLER?

A19_ A seller is a member who has introduced goods, products, or services for sales in HAMAFZA, or is introduced by other members or HAMAFZA for suitability of the quality and the price of its products or services, or has just simply advertized in HAMAFZA. Advertizing in HAMAFZA does not count in evaluation and granting “Verified Member” sign to businesses.

Q20_ Who do you call a SELLING-MEMBER?

A20_ A selling member is a member (usually a business) that has introduced some products or services with conditions better than the market (as they are supposed to) for selling to users in HAMAFZA, in the form of info in their profiles, classified postings in the Marketplace, or advertisements in any dedicated areas in the site. Besides businesses, individual members who introduce, advertize, or sell products or services, without having or introducing their companies are also considered as sellers. All users including selling members could also be receivers, consumers, or buyers. “Selling-member” or “seller” shall be equivalent to “supplier”, “supplying member”, or “provider”.

Q21_ What do you mean by POSTS or POSTINGS?

A21_ Posts or postings are contents that are shared by members with a certain group of users, through accessible windows, in various pages of HAMAFZA website such as Forums and Marketplace, in order to chat, inform, communicate, or advertize a product or a service.

Q22_ What do you mean by ADVERTISEMENTS?

A22_ We define advertisements as texts, pictures, video clips, or a mixture of them that are prepared for advertising in the areas dedicated for ads in HAMAFZA web pages, and are ordered to HAMAFZA at some specified price.

Q23_ Who is an ASSOCIATE?

A23_ An associate is a member or user who contributes in administration of the network, in alignment with the mission of HAMAFZA and assists with its expansion, either voluntarily or in return for bonuses.


A24_ A supplying-member is any supplier of a product or service (whether an individual or a company) that is using the facilities of HAMAFZA for introducing their business and also uses the opportunities created in the network as a user, after they have accepted the TERMS & CONDITIONS.  Supplying member shall be equivalent to “supplier”, “provider”, “selling-member”, or “seller”.


A25_ A regular or registered member is the one only whose email’s authenticity is controlled by HAMAFZA. None of other information provided by such member is verified by us. By this definition all other grades are also Registered members and will be shown if sorted based on Registered member feature.

Q26_ Who is considered as a RELIABLE MEMBER?

A26_ Reliable member is referring to the same verified member and “reliability” here just means that the provided personal or business stats of the member, which are needed for trace-ability, have been verified to be matching with information received through sources that HAMAFZA trusts, or with proof documents sent by the member under consideration. As circumstances in the market might be always subject to change, it is never meant that the member of concern is approved by or endorsed by HAMAFZA.


A27_ A verified member is a member that has provided more information about them (confidentially and on their own discretion) and the compliance of those information with proof documents received, or with the information received through members HAMAFZA can trust, has been verified. The definition of “Reliable Member” is also applicable here (please read above Q&A as well).


A28_ It is referring to part of information available to HAMAFZA about members or users that is not banned by them from publication, and HAMAFZA shall be allowed to publicize that information.


A29_ It is referring to part of information available to HAMAFZA about members and users, that is not banned by them from publication however, considering the conventions of each society and the value of information, HAMAFZA shall be allowed to reveal that to specific and high rank members.


A30_ It is referring to parts of information provided to HAMAFZA by members that are banned by them from publication and HAMAFZA shall not reveal that information to anyone. Please see TERMS & CONDITIONS and PRIVACY POLI CY.

Q31_ What do you mean by COMPLIANCE?

A31_ Compliance is an adjective/quality for members that have not lost their qualification according to “conditions for accepting new members”. See below!

Q32_ Who do you consider as a COMPLIANT MEMBER?

A32_ A compliant member is a member who is doing well, i.e. they have not done actions that might expel them out of HAMAFZA network, within a time frame specific to the geographic area of their performance, ending to the time of assessment. See below for the basic conditions required for admission of members.

Q33_ What is the definition of an INCOMPLIANT MEMBER?

A33_ That is used for referring to a member or user who has obviously and evidently lost one or more of basic conditions required for admission of members, including clauses 35.1, 35.2, and 35.3.

Q34_ What is meant by a GOOD MEMBER?

A34_ As long as incompliance in performance of members is not proved, as judged by HAMAFZA, and so far as they have not persisted in remaining incompliant, and as long as their performance has not resulted dismissal, all members are considered good members.

Q35_ What are conditions for accepting one as a VERIFIED MEMBER or Grade 3 member?

A35_ The requirements for accepting the request of regular member (G2) for raising to a VERIFIED MEMBER (G3) status are the followings:

  • Introduction of applicant by a member who has a high grade or credit (called referrer), or compliance with specific conditions considered for admitting an applicant with no referrer, submitting the necessary information or documents, and verification of them by HAMAFZA. Regular members are exempted from this condition, as long as they do not want to be raised.
  • Having a sense of belonging and accepting responsibility for benefits and interests of other members of HAMAFZA, with respect to products or services supplied by the member under evaluation
  • Commitment to law and respecting human rights as well as HAMAFZA requirements in dealing with other members; for example see  THINGS PROHIBITED
  • Ability to exchange information and deal with other users, using available facilities of HAMAFZA

Note: The same requirements are valid for and expected from Regular or G2 members as well. However, as we have not given them much of control and accesses, we did not deem it necessary to put a control on those requirements for them. This, however, does not mean that HAMAFZA will tolerate any kind of incompliance or misconduct.

Q36_ Your referring documents such as Terms & Conditions are long. How could I find a summary of them?

A36_ We strictly advise you to read at least three documents, i.e. TERMS & CONDITIONS, PRIVACY POLICY, and THINGS PROHIBITED, for being well aware of your rights and responsibilities. We have bolded the clauses or statements that seemed important to us in Terms and Conditions. However, that is only what we considered more important and we still request you to read the whole document before using the site.

Q37_ What the activities or stuff that are prohibited for me as a member?

A37_ The following is the minimum expected from you:

  1. Avoid anything that is considered immoral in your community
  2. Avoid posting content that contains use offensive language, especially as an expression of anger
  3. Avoid distributing others’ personal information without their consent
  4. Do not sell alcohol, drug, medical supplies and drugs, tobacco, and dangerous material
  5. Do not advertise any material or equipment that you would not be allowed to sell publically in the market
  6. Avoid posting content that would be considered a threat to the safety and security of the society according to associated authorities
  7. Avoid posting contents that violates copyrights, other’s human/legal rights and other proprietary information.
  8. Do not publicize others identity without their consent.
  9. Examples of goods and services prohibited for advertizing in HAMAFZA
    a: unpackaged or adulterated food or cosmetics
    b: child pornography
    c: endangered, imperiled and/or protected species
    d: unsolicited products or services
    e: War equipment like guns, ammunition, and explosives
    f: Unhealthy or polluted food, furniture, clothing, pet. Etc.
    g: Army or hazardous materials that could endanger receivers
    h: Human or animal body parts
    i: Suspicious or illegal documents
    j: Antiques or antiquarian stuff without providing proof of ownership in the ad
    k: Adult toys, gambling tools, sex buy or sell
    l: Fake, forged, pirated or tampered goods, equipment, software, or documents
    m: Any sort of SPAM

Q38_ How do you evaluate G3 (grade 2), G4, and G5 members.

A38_ G3 members receive their verified status by referral or sending proof documents. They will keep that status until complaints or reviews flag their credibility.  G4 members, however, are assessed in certain intervals according to their scores and average sought and if they meet the minimum requirements, they will be raised to G5. This evaluation is continually monitored and shall be updated at least once a yearly, to ensure their compliance with the specified criteria. Criteria, influencing that assessment, are according to the following variables:

  1. The number of years of active presence in HAMAFZA
  2. The number of complaints settled down
  3. The number of complaints unsettled
  4. Verdict condemning a member in a court for quality of services provided to members of HAMAFZA (based on evidences/proof)
  5. False complaint or false report in HAMAFZA website against a member/business or cheating in providing information or documents, which are proved to HAMAFZA, based on its own judgment, capacity, and diligence
  6. Members’ score based on feedback from Verified members (G3, G4, & G5)
  7. Member’s score based on feedback from non-member users and/or Regular members (G1 and G2), if applicable.
  8. The number, of members referred by G4 or G5 member, who are active at assessment time
  9. The average score of the members referred by the G4 or G5 member being assessed.
  10. The level of cooperation of the member with HAMAFZA to achieve its objectives.

Q39_ Are there any fees for the services you provide?

A39_ HAMAFZA shall remain free for use of all individual members. Membership is also free for all businesses in their first year with HAMAFZA. Companies which, within their first three years of operation, are still struggling financially as well as individuals who use HAMAFZA for business and have low income, are requested to pay the amount they can afford and think is fair for the services they are receiving from HAMAFZA, on their own discretion. We hope this method of payment will help promoting trust, goodwill, and honor in our communities and boosts morale within HAMAFZA family. We will calculate the membership fees based on operational and maintenance costs and will announce our break-even points to low income businesses and then leave it to them to pay as they can afford. We have chosen a similar policy for posting of ads by businesses. We do not charge any of businesses for their postings and leave it to them to keep the count of their ads and the amount of sale they have through HAMAFZA. We request you to pay the amount owing on a maximum quarterly basis. Please see the minimum (estimated break-even) fee for classifieds in the table below:


Use by Public (limited access)


Annual membership fee for individual members (all grades)


Posting classifieds  for individual members (all grades)


Annual membership fee for all businesses in their first year of registration


Annual membership fee for new and low income businesses


$0.00 to amount you think is fair and affordable


Annual membership fee for established businesses from 2nd year onward $108:00

(Only $9:00 per month)

It is free for first year!


Posting classifieds for businesses


$0.00 to amount you think is fair and affordable

(The estimated break-even fee for each posting is $3:08)




As agreed, case specific

Table revised on July 2018

Important Notes:

  • Changes to fees, if becomes needed, shall be only implemented at the beginning of January or July.
  • Individuals who do business using HAMAFZA network shall be considered as a business.
  • For posting your classifieds go to “Your Profile”/Marketplace/Post Listing and advertise your products in Marketplace. For businesses, every time a new or repeated post is sent is counted. We have left it to you though, to calculate the amount you owe (Please see “Posting classifieds for businesses” in the table above).

Q40_ Why do you ask people to gift HAMAFZA?

A40_ We request members to gift, because we are trying to run this network without compromising the values we started that for. We understand leaving it to people to decide how much they want to pay for the services they receive is not something that probably works for years. Like any other moral system this needs the support of more honest, righteous, ethical people to be active and become examples to other people. We need the support of such people until we can afford operation and maintenance costs of this network. The statistics of gifts received will be available for authorities and givers.

Q41_ How can I contribute in evaluation of members or their products or services?

A41_ In case you:

  • have comments about a selling member (including a company or an individual)
  • want to admire them for their quality products or services
  • tend to criticize or report a bad quality or a price unjustifiably higher than regular market

Go to the profile of the member you want to evaluate and, in the tab named “Reviews” type a subject and a detailed review about the member or the product or services of the member. You can also score at the same place.

The results of your evaluation will be visible to all members and it affects the credit of the evaluated member. For that reason we have just given verified members the right for review so that reviewers also are traceable and accountable, to HAMAFZA.

Q42_ Can I file a complaint about services of a member to HAMAFZA?

Q42_ In case you have a complaint about the quality or prices of products or services you received from a member through HAMAFZA you can complain to us with the facts and/or proven documents and we try to help a fair settlement. Please note that in case a member has done something that you are unhappy with and you have evidences that it has been against law, ethics, or objectives of HAMAFZA, and before you go to a formal mediator or court, you prefer to give it a chance through HAMAFZA, please write us at the sub-tab HOW-TOs/CUSTOMERS EVALUATE BUSINESSES HERE or through complaint@www.hamafza.ca . Before writing your complaint, please note the following DISCLAIMERS:

  1. By no means can we apply our judgment to limits beyond our control and responsibility. All we can do is to reduce their credit or grade or, as the last resort, to dismiss a member who is proved to have done misconduct.
  2. We will discuss the matter with you, the accused, and/or the referrers trying to end up the case to a settlement.
  3. We cannot assume any responsibility for the outcome or the time spent for that effort for settlement. If you refer to us, you should know that by referring to us, you are admitting to that and are holding us harmless for the time spent, the results achieved, or the amount of your losses.
  4. The service we provide in such cases is taking use of our influence and depending on the availability of resources and priorities might vary case by case.
  5. By writing a complaint to us you consent that you knowingly and decidedly request us to help you with the subject and you will hold HAMAFZA harmless of any claim.

Q43_ What have you considered to protect the businesses from biased or hostile evaluations?

A43_ In HAMAFZA we admire business members as they are the engine of the train of our societies’ growth. For that reason, we strongly support reputable businesses and will not allow unreasonable or un-true reports to ruin their credit. We have a procedure that is tough about false reports against our members. Please write your appeal about a false report or an unfair complaint to us at the sub-tab HOW-TOs/BUSINESSES CHALLENGE A REPORT OR COMPLAINT HERE or send it to complaint@www.hamafza.ca and in case of emailing, remember to add the following information:

  1. Your email and/or username (required)
  2. Your Name (required)
  3. Your surname (required)
  4. Email and/or username of the member who reported or complained against you (required)