“HAMAFZA  Synergistic Network” or in brief “HAMAFZA” is a name used to refer to an assembly of members who, while generally accepting the essence of this Constitution, are connected together through facilities such as the website provided to them.

From the legal point of view, HAMAFZA is just a virtual system and it is free for non-business members. Administrative affairs of the network are done independently, under the name of “HAMAFZA Network Bureau” or in brief “HAMAFZA Bureau” or simply “Bureau” that has its own procedures. Financial and legal affairs of the Bureau is done by “InnovaFlux Enterprises Ltd.” or “IFEL” of Canada, which is accountable to legal authorities; the HAMAFZA Network Bureau is also part of that company that although administratively acts independently, however financially and legally it shall be dependent and shall report to InnovaFlux Enterprises Ltd.


To read the mission of HAMAFZA, its strategies, and its objectives please click HERE!


3.1. MEMBER: is any real person or legal entity which will have access to classified information in the website and could take use of them, after they have passed the registration process and are admitted to the network. Members generally and except when they are supplying something, are considered as customers or consumers, like Public or Guests. Public or Guests have some limited accesses to the HAMAFZA web pages like MARKETPLACE.

3.2. REFERRER:  is a user or member whose credit is high as evaluated by HAMAFZA or as known to majority of the community, who introduces an applicant that is in compliance with the admission conditions (see section 4.0 below) by allowing the applicant to introduce him/her to us as the applicant’s referrer, and providing his/her contact stats confidentially with us, so that we can contact him or her for verification of the applicant who wants to become a Crystal member. Regular members do not need a referrer, however if they do introduce reputable referrers they will obtain higher grades easier.

3.3. ACTIVE MEMBER: is a member who is doing activities, using HAMAFZA features, at the specified time period recent to when assessment is done by HAMAFZA. Assessment will not be done for regular members.

3.4.USER: anybody who uses the HAMAFZA network online is called a user and that includes all members as well. Apparently, members (even Regular members from whom we only have an email) have way many more accesses and privileges as compared to non-registered users.

3.5.SELLER: is a member who has introduced goods, products, or services for sales in HAMAFZA, or is introduced by other members or HAMAFZA for suitability of the quality and the price of its products or services, or has just simply advertized in HAMAFZA. Advertizing in HAMAFZA does not count in evaluation and granting “Verified Member” sign to businesses.

3.6.SELLING-MEMBER: is a member (usually a business) that has introduced some products or services with conditions better than the market (as they are supposed to) for selling to users in HAMAFZA, in the form of info in their profiles, classified postings in the Marketplace, or advertisements in any dedicated areas in the site. Besides businesses, individual members who introduce, advertize, or sell products or services, without having or introducing their companies are also considered as sellers. All users including selling members could also be receivers, consumers, or buyers. “Selling-member” or “seller” shall be equivalent to “supplier”, “supplying member”, or “provider”.

3.7. POSTS or POSTINGS: are contents that are shared by members with a certain group of users, through accessible windows, in various pages of HAMAFZA website such as Forums and Marketplace, in order to chat, inform, communicate, or advertize a product or a service.

3.8. ADVERTIZEMENTS: are texts, pictures, video clips, or a mixture of them that are prepared for advertising in the areas dedicated for ads in HAMAFZA web pages, and are ordered to HAMAFZA at some specified price.

3.9. ASSOCIATE: is a member or user who contributes in administration of the network, in alignment with the mission of HAMAFZA and assists with its expansion, either voluntarily or in return for bonuses.

3.10.SUPPLYING-MEMBER: is any supplier of a product or service (whether an individual or a company) that is using the facilities of HAMAFZA for introducing their business and also, use the opportunities created in the network as a user, after they have accepted the TERMS & CONDITIONS. Supplying member shall be equivalent to “supplier”, “provider”, “selling-member”, or “seller”.

3.11.REGULAR OR REGISTERED MEMBER: is a member that only whose email’s authenticity is controlled by HAMAFZA. None of other information provided by such member is verified by HAMAFZA. By this definition all other grades are also Registered members and will be shown if sorted based on Registered member feature.

3.12.RELIABLE MEMBER: is referring to the same verified member and “reliability” here just means that the provided personal or business stats of the member, which are needed for trace-ability, have been verified to be matching with information received through sources that HAMAFZA trusts, or with proof documents sent by the member under consideration. As circumstances in the market might be always subject to change, it is never meant that the member of concern is approved by or endorsed by HAMAFZA.

3.13.VERIFIED MEMBER: is a member that has provided more information about them (confidentially and on their own discretion) and the compliance of those information with proof documents received, or with the information received through members HAMAFZA can trust, has been verified. The definition of “Reliable Member” is also applicable here (please read above clause as well).

3.14.PUBLIC INFORMATION: is referring to part of information available to HAMAFZA about members or users that is not banned by them from publication, and HAMAFZA shall be allowed to publicize that information.

3.15.NON-PUBLIC INFORMATION: is referring to part of information available to HAMAFZA about members and users that is not banned by them from publication however, considering the conventions of each society and the value of information, HAMAFZA shall be allowed to reveal that to specific and high rank members.

3.16.PRIVATE INFORMATION: is referring to parts of information provided to HAMAFZA by members that are banned by them from publication and HAMAFZA shall not reveal that information to anyone. Please see TERMS &  CONDITIONS and PRIVACY POLI CY.

3.17.COMPLIANCE: is an adjective/quality for members that have not lost their qualification according to “conditions for accepting new members”. See below!

3.18.COMPLIANT MEMBER: is a member who is doing well , i.e. they have not done actions that might expel them out of HAMAFZA network, within a time frame specific to the geographic area of their performance, ending to the time of assessment. See clauses 4.1, 4.2, and 4.3 below for the basic conditions required for admission of members.

3.19. INCOMPLIANT MEMBER: is a member or user who has obviously and evidently lost one or more of basic conditions required for admission of members, including clauses 4.1, 4.2, and 4.3.

3.20.GOOD MEMBER: As long as incompliance in performance of members is not proved, as judged by HAMAFZA, and so far as they have not persisted in remaining incompliant, and as long as their performance has not resulted dismissal, all members are considered good members.


4.1. Introduction of applicant by a member who has a high grade or credit (called referrer), or compliance with specific conditions considered for admitting an applicant with no referrer, submitting the necessary information or documents, and verification of them by HAMAFZA. Regular members are exempted from this condition.

4.2.Having a sense of belonging and accepting responsibility for benefits and interests of other members of HAMAFZA, with respect to products or services supplied by the member under evaluation

4.3.Commitment to law and respecting human rights as well as HAMAFZA requirements in dealing with other members; for example see THINGS PROHIBITED

4.4.Ability to exchange information and deal with other users, using available facilities of HAMAFZA

Note: It is worth emphasizing that all nations and ethnicities, commensurate to expansion of communicational tools of the network, could become users and use facilities of HAMAFZA. However, this will be conditioned to their ability of using the languages used in the web pages of HAMAFZA.


5.1. In case there is no legal constraints, HAMAFZA will not have any geographical boundaries and it could expand to any corner of the world in which there is an interested applicant who meets the membership conditions.


6.1.Initial investment of the network was done by InnovaFlux Enterprises Ltd. registered in Canada. Anyone who contributes in investment into expansion of the network shall become a joint, with a fair share in its retrievable assets.

6.2.InnovaFlux Enterprises Ltd. or IFEL is responsible for handling financial affairs related to investments and operation of HAMAFZA.

6.3.The income generated from gifts from users shall be deposited in a separate accountو under control of the bureau (and open to authorities of the Province of BC of Canada), and could be only spent for costs associated with operations, maintenance, objectives, and the mission of HAMAFZA. This subject and compliance of the performance of HAMAFZA with relevant laws will be available for auditors of the government of BC of Canada and Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

6.4.In case of dissolution of a branch of HAMAFZA, the balance of the account of the gifts from users, after payment of any amount owing (in case of existence of legal grounds) will be transferred to similar accounts in other branches,  or to charities or to not-for-profit organizations.

6.5.Ad fees and membership dues (if received) are within the scope of authority and audit of InnovaFlux and are excluded from the requirements of Clause 6.4.

6.6.When the cost of operation and maintenance of HAMAFZA, servers, and website outweighs the amount received through gifts and ads, the shortage will be covered by InnovaFlux.

6.7.In case of adequacy of income, and demand, bonus will be paid to volunteer associates.


7.1.The reference documents used to manage HAMAFZA, and their priority for validity shall be according to the following sequential order:

7.1.1.Mission & Objectives



7.2.Founder or board of founders are the highest decision makers in the HAMAFZA bureau organization.

7.3.The board of directors is the second organizational layer for decision making.

7.4.Making decision about changing the Mission, strategies, objectives of HAMAFZA and its Constitution shall be exclusively by the founder(s).

7.5.The founder(s) may assign board members or he (they) may opt to assume the responsibility of the board of directors by himself (themselves).

7.6.The board of directors has the authority for approval and announcing for execution of procedures.

7.7.The board of directors has no right for approving anything discrepant to the “Mission & Objectives” or the “Constitution”.

7.8.Active members or credible and outstanding figures, could contribute in the board of directors as associate counsellors, further to proposal by the board of directors and approval by the founder(s).

7.9.The counsellors shall have no right for voting.

7.10.Selling-members are not allowed to work in the board of directors. However their ad hoc presence in the meetings of the board and sharing their views is welcomed.

7.11.The board of directors is not allowed to vote in presence of sellers.


8.1.To facilitate use by people, “Public” or “Guests” of HAMAFZA could only access to some pages and limited information and features of the network, without any need for registration. Profiles and posts of higher rank members shall not be visible by the Public, if set up that way.

8.2.To facilitate with learning the features of HAMAFZA website for members, a Grade 2 or “Regular Grade” has also been defined that only needs the applicant’s email for registration. (Although the name of applicant is required, however, as it does not get verified, and as there is no reference, the authenticity of the name provided is not certain.)

8.3.Admitting a main member (Grade 3, “Verified-” or “Crystal-member”) is done by referring an applicant by an existing reliable member (Referrer), and/or through more steps and a direct request to the admin of the network by the applicant.

8.4.Members and referrers of Grade 3 and higher will enjoy many more privileges and benefits, provided to them in return for their clarity and responsible behaviour in supporting the Mission and Objectives of HAMAFZA. Referrers and credible members will be rewarded more in future.

8.5.Referrer is the link between HAMAFZA and the member for especial and emergency conditions.

8.6.Without considering the date of registration with HAMAFZA, by implementing a clear procedure, the more active, effective, and creative members will be kept in higher priority for receiving information.

8.7.The applicant or member will introduce their stats, products or services they can supply, products or services they need, whether their supplies are for free or for-sale, the amount of discount for members, or the level of quality of their service or product compared to the same one in the market,  gradually in their profiles for information of other members.

8.8. Deleted. Shall be added in phase 2.

8.9.All members are allowed to use nicknames for themselves. Only grade 3 and above members need to share their identity confidentially with HAMAFZA.

8.10.Buying services and making deals shall generally be done by direct contact of users and sellers, after their own investigation, with no reliance on HAMAFZA, and in any ways, under direct responsibility of themselves.

8.11.In order to protect the rights of buyers or receivers of services, in situations specified by the board of directors, helpful instructions and information will be provided to members who are buyers or consumers.

8.12.It is expected from referrers that in case of failure or bad performance of the members they have introduced or in case of losses suffered by receivers from products or services provided by their referees, to do their best in negotiating and settling disputes, in cooperation with HAMAFZA.

8.13.[Deleted. Shall be added in phase 2. ]

8.14.Each user is solely responsible for their own decisions and deals they make with other members. Although we do reflect the reviews about performance of sellers or suppliers, as the circumstances are likely to change, we cannot guarantee anything about those members. Despite its maximum effort, HAMAFZA neither intends nor is able to guarantee the reliability and delivery of users or members of the network.

8.15.In case of existence of one or more complaints and having adequate evidences, as distinguished by the board of directors or an assigned committee, and after consultation with the referrers of plaintiff and defendant the membership of the incompliant member might be terminated.

8.16.The website of HAMAFZA has facilities for the following:

8.16.1.Deleted. Shall be added in phase 2.

8.16.2.Deleted. Shall be added in phase 2.

8.16.3.Providing privileges and more opportunities based on the grade of members

8.16.4.Free introduction of skills and capabilities of members

8.16.5.Introduction of businesses, companies, and institutions

8.16.6.Direct introduction of products or services by members that are for sales

8.16.7.Introducing free products or services

8.16.8.Providing information useful for daily life of all users including public

8.16.9.Sections for sending online reports or complaints

8.16.10.Searching facilities plus useful links

8.16.11.Facilities for communication of members by becoming “Friends”, “Following” each other, and creating “Groups”

8.16.12.Various social or professional “Forums”

8.16.13.Sections for publicizing, news, and articles

8.16.14.And more


9.1.HAMAFZA does not consider any kind of limitation or discrimination for applicants and users based on their belief, language, colour, sex, political views, physical capabilities, ethnicity, or nationality.

9.2.HAMAFZA excuses from admitting or allowing continuation of membership of individuals or companies that close to the time of investigation, by their speaking or behavior, and in an obvious and public manner, have either acted or advised others to do behaviors that are illegal, are incompliant with basic principles of the Synergistic Network, or are inconsistent with moral basics acceptable to the public in communities of countries of their residence. The policy of HAMAFZA is avoidance of getting close to any sensitiveness boundary of the concerned communities and it expects all its members to do the same as well.

9.3.HAMAFZA separates and makes recognizable by a green circular symbol   the members who have provided the minimum information required for clarity and traceability, and their information have been verified by HAMAFZA. The companies or members that have been verified are those which have given HAMAFZA the consent for publicizing the scores, reports, or possible complaints received from other members about their products or services. Obtaining that consent is considered as necessary only in case there is a legal constraint in respect to clear publicizing by HAMAFZA in the concerned country. It means that in normal conditions, that is considered as the right of buying members or consuming members, and HAMAFZA assumes it on itself to be informative and clear about good or incompliant performance of members. Except after testing for a while it is proven that there is not too many unfair reviews about businesses, only the Crystal or Grade 3 members and higher that have themselves been verified by HAMAFZA are given the right to score or send reports or complaints to HAMAFZA.


10.1. A limited number of associates, commensurate with the number of users in the vicinity of each major city, will be admitted to assist with the management of HAMAFZA in operating the network.

10.2.At the beginning until when the income of the network allows, the associates shall work as volunteers and with the intention of serving the society. However, if requested and when the income is adequate, they will receive bonuses.

10.3.Being earlier or later in registering as a member has no effect in grading, scoring, and receiving priorities and privileges. This subject is different from the “Years of presence with no complaint”. The main criteria for improvement of members are activeness, effectiveness, and creativity.

10.4.In return for privileges granted to active members and referrers, some small responsibilities, like a phone conversation with the person or company introduced is requested from them, when needed.


11.1.You need to read “Privacy Policies” completely from HERE.

11.2.HAMAFZA will never reveal to public, the personal information provided to it, directly by applicants, users, or members.

11.3.In case of giving permission to HAMAFZA for showing the number of likely complaints to other members, this will be considered as a positive point for a selling-member or a service providing member, and will be announced to users, as a sign of confidence of the member to the quality of their services or products.


12.1.You need to read “Terms & Conditi ons” completely from HERE.

12.2.HAMAFZA, only as much as its facilities, technical capacity, legal status, income, resources, and budget allow, will provide publication services, persuade members for updating their profiles, their postings, and their records and evidences, and provide assistance with friendly settlement of probable complaints. By no means, HAMAFZA shall be able to guarantee that the attitude, conditions, and authenticity of the information and evidences the members had provided at the time of registration have not changed by the time. It is necessary that all applicants pay attention to this important fact, take all cautionary steps needed, and use the HAMAFZA website only if they accept this Clause.

12.3.While doing its best to admit only compliant people, HAMAFZA shall not assume responsibility for any of sayings or actions of users or members, and they (the users and the members) shall bear responsibility for their choices, transactions, performance and the consequences of their actions or words. Apparently the main reference for the claimant or plaintiff in such cases of complaint is the judiciary system or courts.

12.4.HAMAFZA will take actions, in support for the interests of consuming-members with respect to the performance of the members whose stats have been verified by it, to the best of its ability and according to its practical procedures.

12.5.Every user including real or legal person is responsible on their own for their assertions, statements, promises, deals, or contracts with other users and shall remain accountable to judicial system and authorities.

12.6.Full responsibility of evaluating qualification,  trustworthiness, legality, quality reputation, moral reputation, and reliability of the selling- or supplying-members, whether or not their names are publicized in HAMAFZA data banks, is sole responsibility of the user or member that receives services or buys some product from them.

12.7.The responsibility of the compliance of the actions or transactions of users and members to the laws or bylaws of their countries and municipalities, or paying their accrued taxes, tolls, fees, or duties is on their own.

12.8. Referrers, also, do not have any legal accountability over what referred members do. HAMAFZA just expects referrers to feel responsible, conscientiously and ethically, and help in the times of conflict by talking to or advising the member referred by them, and in return for that kind of help receive more credit and rewards.

12.9.HAMAFZA is not responsible for authenticity or correctness of the content of postings or advertisements.